The 5 best Email App to Download in 2022

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Mar 16, 2022

March 16, 2022

The 5 best Email App to Download in 2022
In 2019 we already looked at the best free e-mail programs from then. But what about in 2022? Has something changed and e-mail programs have been added? Or are the email programs we mentioned in 2019 still the best? In short, again this year we are looking at the question: 'What Are The 5 best Email App to Download in 2022?'
There is a good chance that the mail app on your phone comes from Google, Microsoft or Apple. Maybe you didn’t have the time or inclination to change your default app or you think this app is fine. Nevertheless, it is useful to look at alternatives: we have listed the five best email app to download and surely are definitely worth checking out.

Our Recommendations of Email App to Download :


The 5 best Email App to Download in 2022 - Spark Email

Spark Email email client

1. Spark

This free app is basically everything you’re looking for in an email app. You can organize your mailbox according to your own taste, set different personal signatures and temporarily snooze e-mails that arrive at the wrong time, but may be interesting later. In addition, the app distinguishes between different types of emails in your inbox. Unfortunately, Spark is only available to iPhone users.

More info / Download, click: Spark Email App to Download.


The 5 best Email App to Download in 2022 - Edison

Edison email client

2. Edison (Formerly EasilyDo)

However, Edison is a good alternative for Android. This app is also free to download, but it is much more than a mail app. Not only do you receive your incoming e-mails on the home screen, but it also contains a calendar and other functions that make it more of a personal assistant than an e-mail app. iPhone users can also get started with it.

More info / Download, click: Edison Email App to Download.


The 5 best Email App to Download in 2022 - Newton

Newton email client

3. Newton by Cloud Magic

Newton by CloudMagic is a great option for those who want to secure their mail app a top priority. Your messages can be protected with a password and if you are still concerned if your phone is stolen, you can delete all your data from the app from a distance. The versions for Android and iOS are free to download.

More info / Download, click: Newton Email App to Download.


The 5 best Email App to Download in 2022 - AirMail

AirMail email client

4. Airmail

This paid app is again only available for iPhone users and is suitable for people who want to take advantage of nice extra options to make your e-mail traffic as personal as possible. You can schedule emails, send hand-signed messages, read receipts and automatically sort your emails.

More info / Download, click: Airmail Email App to Download.


The 5 best Email App to Download in 2022 - MyMail

MyMail email client

5. MyMail

MyMail, available for both Android and Apple, is mainly for people who don’t like boring design and who would like to see a personal mail environment. You can customize your inbox to your own taste and add images to your mail contacts, so you can easily see at a glance which mail is coming from whom. This app is also free to download and you also get features such as setting a security lock and you have the option to temporarily silence contacts, so that you are not bothered if it does not suit you at that time.

More info / Download, click:

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