How Track Lost Phone (for Android and iPhone Users)

Written by Guy Coward

Mar 20, 2022

March 20, 2022

Do you sometimes walk out the door and think: “Help, I've lost my phone.” Fortunately, it happens to all of us from time to time. You can often find it again quickly. But are you afraid that your phone has been stolen? Or do you really have no idea where your phone has gone. Then these tips are useful for you!

Lost Android phone? (How Track Lost Phone)

You can find your Android device if you have lost it with ‘Find my device‘. This is a service from Google and keeps track of where your phone is. It is important that you enable this feature. You do this in ‘Settings’, then tap on ‘Security & privacy’ and tick ‘Find my device’.

Follow these steps and you will find your Android phone again

To find your Android phone, it is wise to follow these six steps carefully. This way you know in a short time where you left the phone.

  1. Log in with your Google account via Google’s Find my device. Make sure that this is also the Google account you are logged into on your mobile. There is also an app.
  2. You will then see an overview of devices that are logged in to this account. Choose the device you are looking for. Usually your phone is shown immediately, as can be seen in the example.
  3. You can indicate in the left overview what you want to do with your phone. You now have 3 options: call, lock or delete.
  4. Choose to play sound if you are now sure it is nearby or hope that someone might find it and return it to its rightful owner. The sound of your phone will go off anyway, even if you have it in silent mode.
  5. Choose lock to lock your phone with a password. You can also choose to leave a message for the finder.
  6. Choose to erase if you are almost certain that your phone has been stolen. This resets your mobile to factory settings, so that you delete all apps, music, photos and settings. Is your phone off? Then the factory settings are performed as soon as it is turned on. Note: Only do this option if you are absolutely sure you won’t get it back. If you erase your phone, it will also disappear from ‘Find my device’.
How Track Lost Phone - Google Find My Device

How Track Lost Phone – Google Find My Device

How to find your iPhone (How Track Lost Phone)

If you lose your iPhone or suspect it has been stolen, use the following steps to locate it and protect your information. To do this, use the Find My app.

Make sure the Find My [device] option is enabled before it gets lost.
Open the Find My app or sign in with your Apple ID to iCloud and click “Find iPhone”. If the device is nearby, you can play a sound to help find it. This sound also plays when your iPhone is in silent mode.
Is he not around? Then report it as lost. This will lock your iPhone remotely (see the next section on how to do this).
Do you use the ‘Family Sharing’ feature? Then family members can help you search.

Report a device as lost

So if your iPhone is not nearby, you can report it as lost. You do that as follows:

  1. Open the Find My App and select “Devices”.
  2. Choose your iPhone.
  3. Scroll down to Report as Lost and tap Activate.
  4. Choose ‘Continue’ and enter the phone number you want displayed on your screen.
  5. Select ‘Activate’.
How Track Lost Phone - Report Lost Device

How Track Lost Phone – Report Lost Device

Theft-free bargain

What a bad luck, your phone is gone. Are you almost certain that your mobile has been stolen? Then simply block your SIM card by going to your phone carrier. If you find the phone later, you can also unblock it again.

Buying a new phone is often the first thing that comes to mind when you’ve lost your phone for good. This is an expensive investment, making buying a used phone a good idea for many. Do you want to make sure that the used phone you buy has not been stolen? Via the website of the central government you can check with an IMEI number (the unique number of your telephone) and check whether the second-hand device is not registered with the police as stolen or forged. It is a good idea to request an IMEI number from the seller. With this number you can check whether you are buying a second-hand smartphone.

Have you ever lost your phone and then found it? Let us know by put a comment below.

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